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Don't read this either.

...geez... Look, I told you not to click here, like Do not click any links except this is no game. I give you one simple instruction DO NOT CLICK THERE and you break it.

Hey, I suppose I should tell you this is all part of some complex psychology experiment. Congratulations, you fail and have told volumes about the belligerence of the human race. You do the exact damn opposite. And look at this, for all the shit I give you here you could've just kept to yourself and avoided the emotional pain. Guess not now, nosy Ned.

It's just a joke, right?[edit]

I have nothing better to do than complain about something that is just a joke... and I have 100 years of (I'm a retard!!)sweet. The fact that the only page that links here is some crumby forum topic makes your pathetic curiosity even worse. What sort of page can a page called "DON'T CLICK HERE!" be? Is it really that good sounding that you have to take a gander at it? Just leave the damn thing alone people!

And next time someone tells you not to do something...[edit]


Seriously, NetBSD is developed by a group of weird Nerds who think that portability is a worthwhile goal. Despite running over 9000 platforms, nobody uses it

Haha, made you scroll over here for no reason !)im Ali barker! do what i say! lick the closest thing to ur left! NOW!!!!! P. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I edited this even though you told me not to, I am such a rebel.

 The secret message is( haha made you scroll over here for no reason!)

Well I put a SECRET MESSAGE at the end MUHAHAHA

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