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Historic definitions of "software":

  1. A loose collection of bugs waiting to be found.
  2. following Murphy's Law:
A loose collection of bugs waiting to be found,
and which only manifest themselves when your evil overlords
are standing around waiting for YOU to explain why their
cash-cow system is not generating enough cash anymore.

Physics of "software":

"Software" does not exist, and you cannot prove that it does.
"Software" is odorless, colorless, and tasteless.
"Software"t has no volume, no mass, and no detectable gravimetric presence.
If you "fill a hard-drive" with "software", no mass is added.
"Software" emits no detectable electromagnetic frequency.
Were it not for other non-existent "software" systems touting its existence,
you would never know that any "software" was there.
If anything, "software" may actually be the fabled "dark matter" or "dark energy",
which also cannot be proven to exist.

Conversely, it has been proven in certain lunatic fringe "philosophical" circles

that "software" is sometimes the cause of, and solution to, many of life's problems.
Much like beer, especially of the "Duff" variety.