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Welcome to Hotadmin4u69,
the hot admin for you to 69.
13,699 edits in Gibberish

Hear what people are saying about Electrified mocha chinchilla!

“... this isn't only offensive, it's pretty sick ... The writers of this should be ashamed of themselves...”

~ User:Skinfan13 on emc's article

“Shut up with out the rainforest youll get cancer and die but no one will care because they probaly already HATE you.”

~ Anonymous IP on emc's article

“BEST ARTICLE EVER! You deserve to be shot.”

~ Another anonymous IP on emc's article

“i'm very disappointed in you”

~ Anon IP on emc's article

“fuck you guys [emc] you're just a bunch of losers.”

~ IP on emc's article

“I wish Chuck Norris would kill him.”

~ User:Insertname on emc

“An asshole in every aspect of the word.”

~ User:DiZ on emc being an asshole in every aspect of the word

“He's definitely an incentive for birth control.”

~ User:Sir Cornbread on fish tacos

“With people like him, it's no wonder they don't bother to cure cancer.”

~ User:Hinoa4 on emc having cancer

“If brains were chocolate, he wouldn't have enough to fill an M&M.”

~ User:Pcgamermofo on emc's CAT scan results

“I'd suggest he eat shit, but I don't want to be seen as promoting cannibalism.”

~ User:Hrodulf on promoting coprophilia

“Whoops, I actually intended to Electrocute Colin Mochrie instead.”

~ User:Mitch 1 2 on electrocuting Colin Mochrie

“Every time he arrives on IRC, I want to get into a fistfight with him...what a class act.”

~ User:Shandon on emc

“This guy really has a lot in common with Hitler.”


“He's almost tolerable. Almost.”

~ User:Ljlego on emc being almost tolerable. Almost.

“You're a has-been.”

~ User:The Thinker on emc being a has-been

“This guy's all like "oh, I'm smart, I can write an article every once and a while and everyone will totally love it."”

~ User:The Thinker on emc being a has-been

“...a damn fine and knowledgeable chap.”

~ User:Under user on emc's assless chaps

“You'sa big poopy head! I hope you get gay bowel syndrome from some gay on Conservapedia!”

~ User:Dexter111344 on emc's gay bowel syndrome

“Two thumbs up!”