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Hi, Uncyclopedians! I am an Italian user from Nonciclopedia. Click here to see my Italian user page. If you don't speak Italian... well, learn it! I learnt how to eat your food! Actually my English ain't so good, I hope I'll be a good soldier.

Articles I wrote on Nonciclopedia

Almost 50, including a cute biography of Edward Gein and a guide to get rid of headlouses.

Articles I wrote on Uncyclopedia

  • None (yet) - I am working on some stuff, but, beng terribly slow, I think I'll finished them in severals millennia.

Main contributions

Wherever a person/town/character name is spelled without a capital letter, I'll be there; wherever there will be unintentional Italian mistakes, I'll be there; wherever there will be typos, I'll be there; wherever we ride, is metal we bring!

Feel free to visit my "secret" lab! It's full of crap!!