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The location map of Moldova (in his dreams Filat)

'Moldova' is the only country that does not recognize the independence of Romania. Moldova is considered the world, except for Mother Russia, as Small Romania. Moldova name was stolen from Romanian Principality of Moldavia. Moldovans are known to be eternally angry and depressed because they are always confused with their very rich neighbors, Serbs. The greatest patriots of Moldova are Russian, Moldovan vodka they always appreciate a talk show and Ukrainian.

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“ What is this? ”

~ Mihai Eminescu on something

'I once met a Moldovan. I was immediately lovid it because it was Chuck Norris. " </ code>

~ 'Ray Charles of Moldova' </ code>

'Vreiiii to pleeeeci .... " </ code>

~ 'Dan Balan of Moldova' </ code>

'ونحن سوف تدمر " </ code>

~ 'Bin Laden about Moldova' </ code>

'If a water strip that it strips a man " </ code>

~ 'Voronin about clientu' </ code>

"Moldova is a modern kingdom does not recognize the independence of Romania. name was stolen by the name of Moldovan Romanian principality, Moldova. </ code>

~ Roman Empire </ code>

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'Moldova' </ big>
alt = flag Moldova
Moldova Flag </ small> </ center>
- 'Name' Moldova - 'Name parents' Rima and Myra - 'Family' Republic of Moldova - 'Nickname Romanian' Bessarabia - 'Nickname rusascî' Besarabia - 'Capital' Soroca - 'Other capitalist' Chisinau and Tiraspol - 'Language ofişialî state' Our Language - 'Languages ​​neofişiali' Gopnica archaic, Romanian, Russian and other languages ​​haholeasca - 'National Imnu' ' Do Great with bariz - 'National emblem' a bull one şioarî Romanian Moldovan pi - 'Political sys' Bourgeois republics of communist manners - 'Name Prezident' He has - 'Form di governance' Holy Trinity amen and IEA - 'Economic sys' Agrofeudalism - 'Surface' Earth, somewhere in Europe - 'Population density' Moldovan incubator - 'National currency' Neaunî mîţîli in pocket - 'GDP' (PCRM) Living and working a - 'Fusu time' UTC 72.5 UTC -27.03 winter and summer - 'Internet Domain' . Md. Mol. Rm,. Br. Tr - 'Area code' 666 + fixed - 'Prefix Radio' Was-pink (yes maybe Goluboe') -

Adevăru == History ==

'Moldova - mol. Moldova, rum. '' Bessarabia, Russian. Maldaviя'. The term Moldova appeared later and was adapted to the Romanian current form in sec. Î.e.n II, ie until the Daco-Roman war. St. archaic in Moldovan. Moldova form have or Moldoba Mol-drum is sometimes used locuţiunile Doba's Speak, or Country Moldobei Mol. Moldova was the first founder of the Great' Mol (see article "Who dwelt </ s> harness Moldoba" and "The neamu Moldobenilor") . Great is the ancestor moldobenilor mol, Moldovans, Moldovanist and all their little Moli-is the only creator and father, the supreme god and belly land.

Statements like that Moldovans are Romanian historians of Latin and Russian propaganda and nation that Moldovans are of Slavic origin is an offense to the dignity Nation Moldova. Shameless allusions of sex lame Romanian and Moldavian Russian's flippant behavior that supposedly would be running hat dupe until Border Guard and drujinici rape shows a complete lack of education, taste, the mind and the seven years kindergarten. Moldovan-jeaga jeaga not flail with! Moldovans flail by force! Moldovans are of Italian origin, are not of Russian origin, Moldovans have no home, IAU! As testimony to the lack of original and ancient Greek chronicles Herodoct's stating that after the Greeks had finished building the Egyptian pyramids, Homer drove north through Portugal in Europe where they met a people - moldobenii ' ', the origins of which the Greeks can not say anything because of who did not ask, because in Europe there were only out of Moldovan Pannonian humanoid monkeys that Greeks unfortunately failed to understand, but which they say later about the Middle Ages, the union of these monkeys with Tatar-Mongols of the Golden Horde born Russian people. And Diogenes of Ikariam says that while Moldovans struggling with Alexander Molcedon defending them on the southern Romanian Dacia, the Russians jumped through the trees around the Urals. So, in this context, ideas of foreign specialists in the last two centuries are disordered, and nenujnice nevajnice.


Jeometrie. Moldova borders Debate

In chapter Geography meet the biggest debates in first. World renowned geographers have tried several times debate around Moldova with hammer and sickle, but they broke up, dug with the hoe and shovel pit but have not given from Moldova. No one claims that are outside Moldova as nobody knows exactly where they are. Yet throughout history because they were mentioned and even sometimes seen several times. In Latin inscriptions preserved until today in the Vatican stated that mysterious border of Moldova were observed' Julius Caesar Brutus in a 125 BC, and the king had seen Pecennius Niger II personnel as they move south along the Danube Moldovan invasion in Bulgaria who were going to steal buds, which they were dubbed' costoboci. Some of the buds took refuge in Italy and have matured in Capitolium, geese saved Rome Hannibal Lector. Based on these testimonies Professor Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej wrote scientific study "Gum Moldovan Boob Phenomenon or rubber borders" published at Amsterdam, 1859, which was awarded the Oscar. Dmitry Ivanovich Cantemir' Turkish composer Rusistan, mentions that he saw these borders, and even described them in his "Descriptio Mongolae' 'but remembers about by the side of China stretched. Napoleon Bunăparte he saw where he left, and Ali Pasha' Kiselev has seen and has not left. The historical chronicle "Letopizdeţul Moldavia Stephen's death until Zigmund Freud Great Sel" Stefan cel Mare wrote that he personally took up where Moldovan borders were and put them where were not around until the Teuton in the capital of the United </ s> Pulon other side of Tatarstan and Crimea, suffered clistofobie grounds that Moldovan and see him sleep at night Vlad the Devil holding in hand a placard that said in large red " MOLDOBENI UNION </ span>". Moldova's borders have been documented in the later centuries. Comrade Michael Ribbentrop-Molotov claimed that boundaries were somewhere in the Prut river but does not specify exactly when they were on or under the Prut Prut. Vladimir Ilyich little claims that he had seen outside the Prut but does not specify which part ... While Moldovan Marshal Antonescu' John felt that boundaries were in Stalingrad.

Politolojie. Moldova Debate

Efforts of specialists to discuss even a Moldovan border was futile, and sometimes dangerous. Those who have dealt in depth the phenomenon of Moldovan and eventually resigned from academic positions arzîndu-and doctoral degrees in public markets Chisinau, Go-armored, London, and Tel-Opinion Moscvî . Others had to resort to psychiatrists in bunănevoie. The climax of all misfortunes was the language Professor Culinary AP Soup of the State University of Chisinau. Mr. Bors wrote a large library and poor humanity has left a mystery unsolved, namely: Was the pro-Russian Mr. or Mr. Bors Bors was counter-Romanian? Despite this my teacher wrote his last work "Moldovan Bors with goroh phials pastîrnac" and then committed suicide by hanging the door handle tie Department of Linguistics. Due to this tragic incident emergency was called The Board of Collective Membership Alliance International Terrorism (Shit) from Bruxelon attended by UN, EU, CIS FBI, [ [KGB]], IZRAIL and NASA. After discussions that lasted six months, to January 25, 2001, Shit decided to decree the following law, states: 'If new borders of Moldova из rezolved problem Gaudeamus igitur anazэr problem! " (Translated word-of- mot: 'If the border of Moldova is an unsolved problem to find another urgent problem! "). Council was on the ears immediately by U.S. representatives to the dilemma "The American people about their imagine what has been determined, but that is Moldova?"


Psychoanalysis. Yes and is Moldova?

Sorbonne University for 27 years made a lot of detailed historical studies based on Wikipedia Encyclopedia multilingual and monolingual Soviet Moldova seeking to explain the phenomenon and found that William Shakespeare the question was rhetorical " To be or not to be 'actually wrote about Moldova, and Microsoft has determined that Moldova has about 666 synonyms used in black magic. NASA requires that Moldova would be a nebulous constellation that appears and disappears at certain period of time around the Earth. Koreans believe that Moldova's Nirvana Hill, and the Norwegians say that it is mysterious Valhala hidden from the world. We believe that dogs would opine if so ruguma hemp.


In 2007 he took third place in Chisinau navagiu election, and Vlad Cioronin, realizing that there coil over chatterbox (I wanted to say to the rescue, sorry ' '), sucked a bottle of vodka alone, she put in a letter to followers, called his cap and shouting, "I will sue you, Gypsy" drowned ... Glass was later found at the edge of Balti's a gunoaeşte and the letter was deciphered and studied the University Olesco Russo. Although data are scarce, are of tremendous importance, a historic breakthrough: cioronică letter attests that rhyme existed and continues to exist. The word Rima was deciphered as the shortest abbreviation of the word country, while the longest is its abbreviation'' Republic of Moldova. Department of Geometry of Cahul sent Parliament rhyme magic formula: RM = rhyme = Republic of Moldova. In that letter he says political shipwrecked reigned many years of hard and that this rhyme Bardac ran from Hohleandia up to Mira. We have heard but Myra Hohleandia us put thoughts about ... Unfortunately the letter does not mention anything about the Roman Empire. With all these dead claims that was first and later RîMlenii rhyme or flood </ s> all ceilalaţi. This historical truth is true! It can not be contradicted because at its base is the testimony of Stephen as the Great Sel "We all of us draw RIM", ie the Rima. Stephen Sel Mare eyewitness, Stephen Sel Holy word is law and constitutional law as it is known to follow.


About Myra almost nothing is known. King Roman Empire,' Alexander Cuza Ioanovici in his diary intimate written a whole chapter entitled "Mira - Moldova ghost" data in detail and finely written. But because authorities have identified the origin of the Romanian Intelligence Moldovan king Alexander was Ioanovici descornorat </ s> descoronat, exiled, and his diary - the market's palace burned Cup in [[Bucharest] ]. King of the Roman Empire was called Rammstein Michael Hohlenzollern IV-Stigmaringen-Hyperion, a German citizen, grandson of Cuza. Rammstein IV Myra Michael described the language but could not be translated because Moldovans speak nemţăşte just as Germans speak Moldavian. He Rammstein Michael IV made the effort to learn Moldovan mistake learned from Romanian. Only last year was published folk ballad written by Miorita Druta titled 'di Şiobănaşîi the mountains with pink star headed " in which damages are given some vague information Mira. Mr. Miorita Druta Myra place in space mioritic of rhyme and the Roman Empire, which was enough for specialists in Chisinau Moldovanist magic formula to figure out # 2 of Moldova: Mira = MR = Romanian Moldova. Moldovanist Motherland Party Mommy (PMPM) addressed the Strasbourg Court of Appeals and filed a complaint on the day of Sunday, August 7 this year, against the Roman Empire in return asking Mira, the union of rhyme or Mira establishment Moldovan Empire.

Black Bogdani

In sec. XVI Sultan Istanbul Gagaturc Empire,' of Muslim Suleimari II century XIII organized the Islamic Crusade against Moldova and aims to Islamize by force and the Moldovans to circumcise them, ie to make Jews. ("Muslim Moldovan" sounds like nut wall, lol). This large army mysteriously disappeared three days after crossing the border illegally. It is assumed that only followers of these gagaturci are Gagauz Russian speaking another language because I do not know (if-all is Turkish and Turkish!). Budjek Baklavanov, newspaper reporter 'Gagauz şiobanlîk ", says that gagaturcii were firmly convinced that going to Moldova, only the third day at midnight when they reached Brzea-Poleanca-Me and have realized that Black Bogdani is suddenly gone. All Baklavanov Black says that Bogdan was even Moldova. Dilemma as a country can be and Moldova and Bogdan minds scholars long concerned with diplomas. Only in 2009 Mr. Michael Ghimpler having access to secret archives of the State explained that there were two rulers in the country working on smen: Stephen the Great ruled the day and evening Moldova turns into Black Bogdani the climb taburetca Stephen Vlad Dracula Bogdanovich. After these explanations no one ever asked how gagaturcii disappeared ...


Russo-Romanian triggered '1812 'and that continues until today, is called the universal history "Basarabian War". It was described in three trilogies bellicose 'Bessarabia I " Bessarabia II and Bessarabia. Wars". Russian-Romanian conflict causes are the etymological origin and land. Russians claim that the etymology of the word is St. Bessarabia. Paşarabia' pashalik derived from two roots and and arabia pashalik rightfully theirs because Rusistanul received a wedding gift from Istanbul Gagaturc Empire in 1812, and Romanians should have nothing to do with' Besarabia because they could be invited to the wedding because they were born later, while Romanians say the same thing but vice versa, and that derivative comes from pastures Paşarabia ' and arable and are pure Latin origin which shows membership in the Roman Empire Bessarabia and Roman Empire as it is known there since chaos and streams and then plowing the land manager's job not bear the budionkă (будёнкэ).

The only ones who remained indifferent to Chapter Bessarabia were Moldovans because:
  1. Main purpose of Unionists is the union of Moldavia with Roman Empire and do not care who else will no longer be together Romanians.
  2. Moldovanist do not care who will unite the Roman Empire, Rusistanul and Bessarabia, leading to not join with Moldova.

Planet Moldova

Planet Moldova was founded and populated by spacemen Moldovan. Dissatisfied Matrix thousands of Moldovans have climbed hundreds of ships and were lost in space. More accurate data are provided by the Moldovan aliens can be found and contact odnoklassniki.


In Moldova economy is economic. Although previously used to grow grapes in abundance and quality wine produced currently tart grapes to wine to oţătit, for political reasons because the sun shines only within Tiraspo 'lol' ui and Moldova produces vinegar.

However Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Moldova Vasile Pingu, said that agricultural production is at a level so high that European Union wants to join Moldova.

  • For sale: Republic of Moldova, MOLDOVA contact +373-

During acute economic crisis government had great joy to resort to smuggling illegal transportation acts wholesale cigarettes in the European Union and Poland and has sold a large quantity of cigarettes along with their plane transported, including two pilots and three porters. Mahorgă illegal traffic brought its fruits in the year 2010 in Moldova pensions were increased by 4 lei.

Moldova currently engaged in selling used and rusty weapons in Arab countries with military conflicts, Kadafi took off to Marculesti as patron and landed in Chisinau McDonald's ... The government hopes that the Arabs will return shortly after the' najdacikă'.


Internally Moldova is famous worldwide because it has two national currencies, 3 flags, borders with Moldova outside and inside the country, and three presidents, all three were elected democratically. This not only shows high democratic values, but also political stability and even gives an example of clear and well defined as to appear before the public with some cowboy ciobeni and drink at the helm of state. Moldova is a multinational secular nation which respects all the rights of minorities - they were soon allowed to appear in public with a blue cap. Women, however, may not vote on favorite in European competition Eurovision.

  • ' Political crisis. Yes, there is no political crisis. All is lies and demagogy! Moldova is governed by 'Holy Trinity (IEA Amen).

Moldovan army includes about 12,000 individuals: 6000 and 6000 in the prison barracks.

  • ' The Transnistrian conflict. Transnistria vote against independence RSSMoldoveneşti every year and remains part of the Soviet Union-self more than 20 years. Transnistria has emerged since the CCCP!

Monsters == rulit in Moldova who until recently and here: ==

Zamolxu Pitagoreanu
Dura Diurpaneasca,
Decebel per Sgorila
Marcel Trajan Dacia Logan
Bogdan Dragos,
Alexander Sel Dobrii,
Stephen Sel Great
Vlad Dracula Bogdanovich

Petra Rares

Bogdan Chioru

Petra Calicu, Moses Isaac Iacubovici Despot,

Santa Ion Horseshoe,
Alexander Hlapuşcă,
Michael Ghişuşcă (Brave)
Vasile Lupu,
Dmitry Ivanovich Cantemir

Carol II Magnus Wolff,

Ion Antonesku
Michael Rammstein Hohlenzollern IV-Stigmaringen-Hyperion,
Mircea Snegurocika,
Vladimir Ilyich Cioronin
Michael Ghimpler


Flag of the Republic of Moldova is not presented here because of copyright. Moldova Flag is the Romanian flag with a nigger in the center. This bird is sometimes called coat of arms.


Moldova is characterized by a motley population of the world but not too much people. All, however, are citizens of rhyme. In fact, citizens of Moldova citizens can hardly be called that because alcoholism exhibit. However the Ministry of Education stated that Moldova does not drink in Moldova honors.

Known in Moldova two classifications of citizens:

  1. Citizen with basic education
  2. Citizen with basic needucaţie

The second highest rating category of citizens is formed so-called "' 'krutîe" which in turn are classified into subcategories as:

  • 'Homo ahlamonus'. Ahlamonul is Moldovan who gives the ultimate in parking and the parking is just a car. Ahlamonul special home wine drinking, Mercedes boasts that it has not, krutîe threatens opponents with friends more than he gives the babe and his best friend when the latter is beat-gun. There is opinion that of all "krutîe" ahlamonul's the "Levi".
  • 'Homo gopnicus. Moldovan Gopnicul is the first Rigi, then spit and only then talk. Gopnicul drink until the condition in which the identity seeks to remember his name. Gopnicul no chick, he has teolkă. When the lead car knows where he or brake, or where his gas. Gopnicul suffer hearing loss, therefore the range is always music. Specialized in psychiatry gopnicul stated that patients suffering from chronic buricopămîntism'.
  • 'Homo prosticus'. Prosticul is combining the above two types in a single repeater May Moldovan everywhere "IACA's bad IAU". Prosticul drive the car with 160-200 km / h on country road, taking cell phone in one hand, in another pie and cigarette and curse all those who drive slower than him. Prosticul first and tie it sticks and only later realizes is the goat in the village, he is only speaking of the prostate uses the expression "IACA, and bad do ...".
  • 'Homo Coitus. Coiul is Moldovan view krutoi with epaulettes in which to look at a finger and laugh is something to laugh, and when it degrades a person and may take the boss, immediately remove their badge police and răţoeşte epaulettes swollen as large as horns and loud-n-n eggs. The psycho-sociological theory such Moldovan was called' ţapperdunosvistuşkă'.

' 'Nott benefit! The demographic situation of Moldova is in a steady decline because Moldovans leaving abroad to give birth and return to die in the country. Be as bad hole, more expensive in my country!

Are You Moldovan?

If you know you're Moldovan:

  • Have at least one relative working illegally.
  • Eat spaghetti with bread it makes sense!
  • If you have "virgin ears"
  • If you have "virgin eyes"
  • Reuse shells and boxes of gifts.
  • Have you or will you have more than one passport.
  • An hour to talk someone out of the house.
  • Increasing taxes is not anything special. End of the world is still close.
  • I never read instructions for the electrical, discovering new functions after months / years after purchase.
  • Girls are not allowed to have a friend in 17 years but must be raised to 18.
  • Recycle plastic glasses and dishes are washed.
  • You have a plastic tablecloth in the kitchen.
  • It is legal to marry at 16, but not allowed to smoke, drink and watch porn before 18.
  • After 40 years, began to wait for death.
  • Do you think you did a good deal if you have not paid taxes.
  • You can travel only if at least 5 people you spend or receive when you travel by bus, train or plane.
  • Suni abroad only after 11 at night.
  • If you do not come home at night at home, when your parents call, ask if you've eaten, even if it's midnight.
  • When your parents meet strangers and talk to them a few minutes, you find that talk to a distant cousin.
  • Do not you realize that international calls were inbunatatit in recent years, and still cry out all the power you call abroad.
  • It is normal if you ask 800 people wedding.
  • It is also a way to make money.
  • When a woman asks you "Do you love me?" I answer: "TINI Shi to do?"
  • It is enough to go out to meet an old friend you have not seen for years!
  • You wrote at least one poem.
  • Possessed art of drinking wine in the bucket - and not just once!
  • Are you convinced that red wine is the only (or at least the best) protection against radiation! And you are ready to prove it scientifically ...
  • Most of your friendships are formed and concluded based on alcohol.
  • And that is not successful in business - too many friends.
  • Establish links useful or not is a true national sport.
  • If you do not like someone, that person automatically becomes bad ... in the best case.
  • Shrug your shoulders and feet and say, national dance.
  • Find a byword for almost any situation in life.
  • Although you should be bilingual from birth (Romanian and Russian), Law no two words in any language ... probably something in between.
  • Opera or theater? - None.

What is a Moldovan?

  • A Moldovan does not mind:

- I forgive you a beer.

  • A Moldovan has no friends:

- It tavarisi and Bratan.

  • A Moldovan do not strike:

- I rub a handful.

  • A Moldovan has no money:

- It kapusta, EVRA and lava.

  • A car Moldovan wants:

- He wants Bumer and Mars.

  • A Moldovan do not "party":

- It dances, disco and kalbaseala.

  • A Moldovan do not steal:

- It Calima.

  • A Moldovan do not beat:

- He goes to "strelca".

  • A Moldovan no delays:

- Comes with marshrutka.

  • A Moldovan state is not working:

- Work for others.

  • A Moldovan not drink until morning:

- Until the cops come.

  • A Moldovan is not fashionable:

- A dictates

Grow up and AISI:

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