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“a crappy unartistic crutch of a genre of plurred furries hopping about with visions of Robotech Pokemons dancing like Asexual Trance Monkeys sucking the marrow out of the bones of a ganja fueled Hello Kitty lifestyle”
~ Oscar Wilde on Psytrance

Some have described the musical phenomena known as PsyTrance as a dangerous "hippy" cult. Claiming that once initiated into the fold only death and or a Barbara Streisand concert can set you free from the endless drone and the mindless beat. A small disparate group of survivors known as PINA (Psytrance Is Not Art) have started a grass roots popular resistance to the notion that PsyTrance is in fact art. PINA also allege that Psytrance displays all six notable signs of being a dangerous cult*

Members of PINA claim to have found a cure for “PsyTrance” without the use of death and or Barbara Streisand however it involves drinking, a very old goat, and a towel and may not be suitable for the very old or stupid.

The PINA principle was proven by Professor Eldritch Von Beancheese in 1998 as follows:

  • for finite S
  • let
  • for finite D

QED, TTFN, FOAD. Psytrance is not art.

  • Six Signs of a Dangerous Cult

1. Every cult has a single powerful human leader. In fact, all cult leaders will proclaim themselves a god on earth. < Goa Gil >

2. The spiritual group uses a special set of rules that you must obey or be cast out. <Do not talk or flirt on the dance floor, wear fluro, hippy, or cyber clothes at all times. No glo sticks.> *naked guy is fine

3. The spiritual group demands that you give up as much of your assets and your yearly income to it as possible. <Countless penniless dj, producers, and promoters practically throw their money away in search of the perfect PsyTrance gathering.>

4. The members of the spiritual group have there own code words and secret language of some kind. <Namaste, Trauma Trance, Shpongle Etc..)

5. The spiritual group demands that you place your children in its training program.<See all the hippy kids and any Outdoor event>

6. The spiritual group is led by a group of enlightened masters who wear strange clothes and or speak in esoteric parables. <Simon Postford, Raja Ram, Olli Wisdom, Terence McKenna >


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