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Necropaxx (T) {~}

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Important Information

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Hi. I'm Necropaxx. No, that isn't my real name, and quite frankly, I'm a little disappointed you'd assume that. I am 19 years old, drop-dead gorgeous, and single. You do the math. I live in oppressively hot California, and dream of one day living in someplace cooler.

I've been on Uncyclopedia since the Spring of 2007 (otherwise known as the Golden Years) and I've written twelve featured articles and earned the Writer of the Month award in that time. I'm not very active any more, so don't expect a prompt reply for pretty much anything. I don't go on Sundays because that's the Sabbath. I am a religious conservative, thereby making me unique on Uncyc. But I don't care, I love this place, even if you are all a buncha' commie pinko bleeding-heart liberals. I am not an administrator, but I still like helping the polite n00b who asks for it. I used to be one myself. No, really.


On the subject of writing, I have written a couple of original articles, but I'm better at doing rewrites. I like writing about generic subjects, like Toaster, Top hat, or Elevator, because I think encyclopedic articles that parody Wikipedia are the soul of the site. Not that "style articles" aren't funny, I just think encyclopedic prose is "da bomb." On a contradictory note, I love all of Cajek's articles. It should also be noted that if I have anything up for feature, I am completely incapable of writing anything during that time. It's very unfortunate. In conclusion, I love Uncyclopedia and so should you. Necropaxx (T) {~}


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Many eons ago, back when Uncyclopedia was nearly two years old, a certain IP was surfing the web. His friend came up to him, and lo, he said,

Hey check out this website it's funny, lol.

The IP typed in the address and hit [ENTER]. On the Main page he saw the featured article, Homeless nerds. The IP lolled loudly. "This is great!" he said. "I should make an account." And so NECROPAXX came to Uncyclopedia. The name Necropaxx was fashioned out of three parts: "Necro" means death, "Pax" means peace, and "X" marks the spot. "Whoa, that's deep," you say. "I know," says I.

Necropaxx began his career leaving Captain Obvious quotes on pages like Black Jesus and template spamming. Lame, I know, but Necropaxx didn't know any better. He got banned for a week by Famine. He appealed the ban and Famine said, quite reasonably, "STFU n00b!" and left him to wither and die.

Then something truly amazing happened. Instead of creating a sockpuppet to create a forum post that went something like "OMG I haet you guize you stingk I'm going hoem", Necropaxx took it like a good user. "The experience was truly life-changing," Necropaxx said later. "It turned me from an annoying n00b/vandal into a slightly less annoying but well-mannered n00bl3t. Thank you, Famine." Necropaxx later rescinded the "thank you, Famine" comment, saying, "Who am I kidding? I hate Famine."

After the ban was up, Necropaxx decided to write an article. Since he was Mormon, he put his energy into a Mormon article. After much blood, sweat, and tears, out came The Great Mormon-Catholic War. Don't read it, it's awful. But it was a brave start for the young lad. He wrote a supplementary article, Holy Cheese, that actually got featured later. One day, he read UnBooks:Gallows Humor, and tried to rip it off with UnBooks:Diary of a Fat Girl. It didn't work. At all. He was stagnated, but thanks to many reviews, Necropaxx got back on track and got Holy Cheese featured. He got better at writing and got two more features, earning him a spot in the Hall of Shame. The rest, as they say, is history.

My Master Works and Other Assorted Junk



These are all the articles I have written, amazing or otherwise.


Up for Feature



Miserable Failures and Orphaned Ideas

In Progress (kinda)



These are all the images that I have made myself, brilliant or not. (Usually not, if we're being honest.)


My Wonderful Awards

Grand Cross of the Order

Writer of the Month Award Writer of the Month August 2009

Uncyclopedian of the Month Award Uncyclopedian of the Month December 2009

Potatochopper of the Month Award Potatochopper of the Month March 2008

Pee Reviewer of the Month Reviewer of the Month January 2010

Useless Gobshite of the Month Award Useless Gobshite of the Month June 2010

Steel Kidney
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This user created UnBooks:Gone Fishing, an article originally requested on Uncyclopedia:Requested Articles. Good for them us!
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