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Featured Stuff - now in anally-retentive chronological order.

  1. Boer War
  2. British Moon-landing (3rd place Article of the Month - August 2009)
  3. Lady-Gardening
  4. Mrs God's blog
  5. The Popularity of War
  6. Punk Floyd
  7. What I did on my hols.
  8. The History of the Atom
  9. Peter Rabbit Reanimated
  10. Flash Gordon
  11. The Asylum-Seeker's Guide to Visiting McDonald's
  12. The Who: My Re-Generation
  13. Cops Confused at Celtic Carnage
  14. The Duke of Edinburgh Award
  15. The Pilgrim Fathers
  16. The Rough Guide to Gotham City
  17. A CCTV Nativity,
  18. Why? Not fly Air Zimbabwe?
  19. The Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care
  20. New Threat to Christmas
  21. Gangs of New York
  22. HowTo:Be A King ‎ (in collaboration with the artist formerly known as Mahmoosh) (Article of the Month Jan 2010)
  23. Little Adolf's School Report (Article of the Month - Feb 2010)
  24. The History of the War on Drugs
  25. Charles DeGaulle (Runner-up Article of the Month - Feb 2010)
  26. How To:Get Married
  27. Tooth Fairy
  28. HowTo:Be Man's Best Friend
  29. Sir Francis Drake
  30. Bob the Sperm (in collaboration with the artist formerly known as Mahmoosh)
  31. The six wives of Henry VIII
  32. His word writ large
  33. The Wizard of Aus
  34. UnNews: David Blaine to die for our Sins
  35. Bond Villain
  36. Interview with a Vampire
  37. The Doolittle Raid
  38. William Westmoreland with Funnybony
  39. Kate Bush with Black flamingo11 3rd Sept 2010
  40. Prince Madog
  41. A. A. Milne
  42. UnTweets:Noah
  43. United States of Earth with Funnybony
  44. Egyptian Gods
  45. Collective Nouns
  46. Yogi Berra
  47. UnBooks:Dr Seuss' "The Git who Stoned Christians"
  48. Male Adolescence
  49. Barbarian
  50. God's Answering Service with PuppyOnTheRadio
  51. Lonely Hearts Column (with Black flamingo11 & his gang of ten)
  52. Un-British Activities
  53. Roger Hargreaves
  54. There'll Always Be An England?
  55. Raymond Chandler's "Murder on the Orient Express"
  56. The Abridged Reader's Digest Abridged Classics
  57. Psychedelic music (with Funnybony
  58. Last of the Mohicans
  59. Salem witch trials
  60. Updating The Classics
  61. G-Rex (with Funnybony
  62. Celebrity Advice
  63. UnNews:Deity seeks Gagging Order
  64. UnNews:Refugee Pandas safe in Scotland
  65. Totally Torah: Genesis
  66. Recent developments in Crypto-Zoology
  67. Monopoly (game)‎ - Best article of 2013, apparently.
  68. Anger-Management
  69. Why?:I'm not sorry I ate your Unicorn
  70. US National Debt
  71. Onan
  72. HowTo:Seize Power
  73. Stockholm syndrome
  74. BBC Worldwide: Children's Television
  75. etiquette
  76. The Doctor is IN
  77. Why?:Eat a full English Breakfast
  78. The Jackson 5
  79. Next Year's Australian Grand Prix
  80. Medieval Marginalia
  81. Trumpton
  82. UnNews: Alien Invasion Plans Revealed
  83. M*A*S*H v Cheers
  84. Ladybird Books
  85. HowTo:Host a Boston Tea Party

Stuff I thought was Good at the time but no one else did: , UnScripts:How TV can solve the Third World Debt Crisis , A Right Royal Christmas , UnScripts:The 'Are You Being Served?' election special , Celebrity Chefs read the Nursery Rhyme Classics , UnNews:Oil slick contaminated by wildlife,UnTweets: My Exam Hell, The Evolution of Modern Music, UnTunes:I won't survive, Bronco McStabber's Fudge Factory, UnNews:Lord's Prayer updated, UnTunes:Sunni and Shia, UnNews:Jobs unveils super-absorbent iPad 2 '(lead article on UnNews!), UnNews:Graceland II opens in Denmark, UnNews:British Guantanamo Bay denied‎‎, UnNews:English obscenity enters German language, UnNews:Egyptian military overthrow elected President to defend Democracy, UnNews:Wimbledon sponsors regret finalists neither prettier nor uglier, UnNews:Horse refused service at McDonalds, , Invasive species, Baby food , UnNews:Toast seen in face of Jesus

Stuff that may be worth reading: Classified ads of HISTORY TODAY , Talibanland , Viz (comic) , Totally Torah: Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers. , Unsongs:Bono Saves the babies , Dance and Sex: Partners in time., Armenia's Next Top Model, Pandemics ,1812: The British Invasion, Why?:Visit Belgium, Lockdown, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Human sexuality and gender, Postman Pat, Rudolf Hess

Stuff that could do with re-writing: Asterix the Gaul , Bagpuss , The Battle Of Stamford Bridge , Agincourt , Aardwolf , Mankini Atoll , David Livingstone , Richard the Lionheart , Bez , San Liechtenbourg , Halogens , The Fairy Tale Trials

Stuff that's okay if you like that sort of thing: Porpoise , Cuckoo , Guy Fawkes

Other people's stuff that I have tarted up a little Half-hedgehoglessness, , Wrexham - not very good but the existing article was worse

Possible coming attractions: Eldorado, Bermuda, blues boom, periodic table‎ , Bounty Hunter, asterix re-write, Little Richard, siegfried and roy, Banana splits, my fair lady, Hernan Cortes, pizaro, conquistadors, rhioceros british heroes: benedict arnold, richard the third, re-write the lone ranger, User:Sog1970/362, Olympus Mount, Muppet show, wagner

Things i have started but may never finish User:Sog1970/Fairy Tales: A feminist analysis , Farmer ged, coe votes to winditselfup, captain cook, clown fish, ian anderson, chris columbus, XTC, Conspitracy, Bonfire Night, ] Fritz Haber, Thomas Midgley, eugene terreblanche (scurvy rickets, night blindness kwashiokor)