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Chinese intelligence agency

Real-world applications

Covert Command and Control (CCC)

Use of stimuli based on remote monitoring

The Indian and Chinese intelligence service are notorious for using subliminal techniques to manipulate targets inside of companies. One of their favorite tricks is to lift up the ceiling tiles in different offices in a company and to drop a brick radio behind the wall which they can remotely control to speak low volume messages behind somebody's head while working.

The way this technique works is to have a foreign agent sitting in a command room outside of the company remotely watching videos of people's offices and computer screen, and to speak low volume persuasive commands designed to make them make poor decisions that will help out their field agents planted inside the company become more powerful. In order to avoid detection of the hidden speaker planted behind the wall, they have rules about when they are allowed to speak and for how long. For instance, they are only allowed to speak briefly when the person is alone in their office and busy working with attention focused, making it difficult to break his or her concentration in time to search for the speaker source. If the person is able to prove they are speaking then they immediately stop using the technique and they have somebody come over to the area and speak out loud making fun of them in the hallway to confuse them.

People inside the company are usually unable to complain about getting manipulated like this because it makes them sound like they have a mental problem, and nobody has an idea how to locate the speaker plants because they would need to cut holes in the walls. This technique, also, has a harassing effect on people in the company that can sometimes make people quit their job, leaving a hole in the company that agencies can work to fill.

Some people are just superstitious and think they are ghosts trying to help or hurt them and actually listen to them. If they find a target that response well they keep the bricks in place. If not then they move to a different target in the company and start manipulating them instead.

Digital signal processing is sometime used to convert the text of the foreign agent into the voice of people the person knows inside of the company but rarely speaks directly to in person in order to confuse the target, because people are more likely to respond positively to commands from people that they know.

Use of phone plants

A variation on covert command and control is to listen to the phone lines of a company or home and to cut into the line in order to superimpose messages at the end of conversation when both parties are about to hang up. This technique requires some special digital signal processing to convert the text of the agent into the voice of the other speaker to make it believable. Messages are usually pretaped and played at the correct time in the conversation as a single message dose. People are usually too confused to respond to this type of stimuli and also because the conversation is directed towards closure before they can think of a response.

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