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This category is assigned to redirect pages that someone thinks should be fleshed out to a complete article, independent of the page that they now redirect to. This category has also been slapped onto a few disambiguation pages that are so contrived that someone thinks a complete article would be better than just a list of other articles.

We remind editors with a completely different take on the subject that this is a humor wiki with no requirement that one article be consistent with another article (though it will be more realistic if it is consistent with itself). So if you typed something, got taken somewhere else, and didn't see what you wanted, you are welcome to type what you wanted.

Changing one of these redirects to a full article in its own right has the advantage that you don't have to open a ballot at Votes for Deletion to get anyone else's work deleted. Your new one can coexist with the old one, and maybe they can even point to each other.

Incidentally, this is also true even of a redirect that is not assigned to this category.

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