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Finale of fashion show, 2009

The very world 'Fashion' connotes the way of living or each one of us, whether young, old and tiny-tots. 'Fashion' is what we visualize. It is the inner feeling of every human being to present himself or herself according to his or her thinking. In other words, it protrudes one's lifestyle. 'Fashion' and 'lifestyle' go hand in hand. They are communicated by what we see. And. For that, colour plays the major part. It emphasizes various images and objects in our day-to-day life. We see, hear and love 'Fashion'. Every human being is aware of appearing as the occasion demands. The appearance may be simple or elaborate, dull or glittering, dreary or glamorous, sad or happy. Life breathes fashion in every corner of the world.

Decades, centuries and eras have seen the changing fashion in the mode of living for instance, in building constructions or otherwise decorations, apparels, all breathe one word 'fashion'. Times keep changing and so also 'fashion'. One may be personified old fashioned, traditional, customary, rigid, practical, flamboyant, trendy, sexy, footloose, go together or modern. Generations have seen the colour and glamour that add to 'fashion'. Without fashion, life would not be worth living. The world of Fashion brings delight and comfort to all, and talented people enable the world to progress with fashion. What one sees gets communicated with eyes, and vision gets translated into words, figures and patterns. 'Fashion' leads the world and it will continue to do so through centuries. Life cannot be separated from fashion.

For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Fashion design.

Twentieth century has seen marvellous developments in fashion. With the coming of the twenty first century, we envisage tremendous changes. Who knows in the computer world a new innovation may entirely change the fashion arena. (The process has already started.)

What is Fashion ?[edit]

A classroom filled with sewing machines and mannequins.

Fashion can be defined in many ways and fashion means many things to many people. It may be "Applause", "Golden Dream", Looking Good", Traffic Stoppers", Stroke OfGenius", "Right Of Exclusive Taste", "The Superlatives", Reviving Up To Face The Future", Chameleon Like Creature". Fashion can be defined as what a specific group of people wear and use during a given time period. This is a simple definition. Fashion is human behavior. Fashion is an Art of learning to combine color, form, pattern and texture for the final effect that is right for the time, the place and for the user.

What is Fashion Designing ?[edit]

A student fashion show, 2007

Design is concerned with how needs are identified, related and, in some cases, stimulated. It affects the ways in which our materials, Energy, skills and other resources are employed to satisfy these needs. And to satisfy them fully, it calls upon enterprise and enthusiasm, inventiveness and ingenuity, scientific discovery and technical knowledge, power of visualization together with knowledge of human capabilities and aesthetic sensibilities. Designing requires patience and planning. Many youngsters want to get finished with their Designing sooner than they start. They do not devote their attention to the preliminary procedures, and in many cases a job is left half done to start a new one. Instead with a little more patience and perseverance, you will fee very proud of having produced something beautiful & original and that will be a real stimulating experience.

Classifications and types of fashions[edit]

Latoya Walker for 'Lost in Translation' collection 2008

This is the one of a kind creation from design house such as Piere Cardin, These garments are sometime interpreted in unusual or rare fabrics and the cost is usually astronomical. After all one is paying for originality. These are often style trendsetters.

THE CLASSIC: This is the silhouette that are reinterpreted year after year because they are flattering and appropriate for many figures and occasions. This could be the perfect fashion for anyone; a classic style can be given many different fabrics.

THE POPULAR: This is the 'Fashion' that is popular everywhere. In popular Fashion many things combine to make a Fashion Popular. Its eye appeal and the comfort is an essence. At the top of the list is its wearable quality. It is adaptable to figure types, to age groups, and its shape must be such that is will make up superbly into almost any fabric in any season.

THE FAD: This is the trend that is quickly accepted sometimes quickly obsolete. It is often inclined to be extreme, quite gimmicky, and not suitable to all types of personalities.

FADS ARE ALWAYS INTERESTING TO WATCH: They often appear as accessories, hair stules as well as in actual garments. Fads are fun if you are the type to wear them and can afford to do so, do not pass them by. They are just part of what goes to make fashion fascinating

Fashion Terms[edit]

Fashion designers Charles James and Coco Chanel at Detroit Fashion Week, 2007.

1. Adoption

A copy of garment having featured likes that of an original.


It refers to the garment itself and not to the mannequin.


Mannequins are the professional models who actually wear the garments.


Group of models shown by a designer.


Duplicate copy I, exact copy of a style originated by a foreign designer.


Line means collection.


It in the industries of dress making millinery (hat making industry) and manufacture of accessories.


The first showing of a new collection usually refer to as opening.


A French word which means a small shop where the garments and accessories are sold.

10. CHIC

Smart or stylish.


A work man or shop where the models are made and duplicated.


It means dressmaking I.e. made to order.


Male culture designer


Female couture designer.


Fine dress making that means High fashion.

Fashion Designers[edit]

Fashion Designers are fashion professionals who anticipate the latest fashion trends and design clothing for particular needs. They must have knowledge of the use of fabrics, of pattern making and manufacturing methods and the skill to communicate their ideas through sketches, and drawings.

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