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Have you ever had to read a book 5 hours before a final exmination? Have you ever wondered if some movies are worth watching, or if some anime/manga is worth getting into? Then check out the "Haiku summaries of movies, anime and books"!



About a ninja
Who says "believe it!" too much
And wears all orange

Filler, filler, fill...
...er,filler, filler, filler
filler filler fill.

Death Note[edit]

Who is God? You know it!

Light is God, killing
criminals, fixing
the world, just for you

Hey, did you know that
Shinigami like to eat
Those red sweet apples

Yea, he does look like a girl.. and have you seen his pants?

He has charm, looks, brains
and megalomania
and we all love him.

What the fuck, L dies
replaced with girly and brat
Mello wears tight pants

Oh my god, Light died
he was killed by his Death God
Was that a spoiler?


He IS cool!

Alucard is cool
Battles evil nazi guys
Turns into a girl

Alucard melts and
turn into crap on the floor
and shoots Luke's legs off


Pride and Prejudice[edit]

I might be a jerk, but she is a bigger bitch than I am a jerk!

Lizzie is a bitch
Fitzgerald is a big jerk
Together they end


Frankenstein makes a
monster, which has no name. Don't
call it Frankenstein.

Wuthering Heights[edit]

Heathcliff and Catherine
fall in love with each other.
No one gives a shit.'

The Scarlet Letter[edit]

A read A. It's what people used in the old days to find out if women were sluts. Like net stockings.

I can see an A
Scarlet, on your chest it's sewn
I know what you did

The God Delusion[edit]

God does not exist.
Here are the reasons why - cue
[more] Christians hating me.

Oliver Twist[edit]

Little boy's hungry
Nobody will show him love
Get him prostitutes!

James Bond[edit]

You only live twice:
Once, when you have first been born;
Once, when you have sex.